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Pune DP and its implications on neighborhoods

SI member Ar Anagha Paranjape-Purohit was part of a programme organised at Sahakarnagar to discuss the Pune Urban Development Plan 2013 (Draft Development Plan for 2007-2027) and its implications on neighborhoods.  The aim of the programme was to make the citizens aware of the urban planning process and what was planned in the recent development plan of the city. The various drawbacks and effects of the plan, if implemented, were discussed with the citizens particularly for their area as well as the overall city.

Details of the programme are:

Date: 20th April 2013

Venue: Sahakarnagar

1. Aneeta Gokhale Benninger
Executive Director, Centre for Development Studies and Activities, CDSA

2. Anagha Paranjape-Purohit
Architect(Urban Planning)

3. Subhash Jagtap
Corporator (Sahkarnagar), PMC Leader of House

Videos of the programme can be seen here.

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