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Celebrating World Environment Day 2016

Sustainability Initiatives celebrated World Environment Day on the 6th of June 2016. Three activities were planned for the day, on the lines of Create, Contribute and Participate. The office was divided into 14 teams. The theme of the competition was- Ideas for a better environment through:
1. Awareness
2. Conservation
3. Any element (eg: water, air, soil, fuel, etc)

The posters were required to carry some text or a slogan as well as a small write explaining the concept or idea. There were three winning entries which got printed, distributed and displayed at various schools and government organizations. The winners of the competition were- Team Amber won the first prize, Team Beige won second prize, the third prize was given to two teams- Team Ivory and Team Burgundy and Team Maroon won special mention.

The second activity was simple yet noble- the act of donation. It is believed that one person’s trash is another one’s treasure. Everyone at the office was asked to donate used toys, books for all group of age. Clothes in good condition, were also accepted as part of the donation process. All the clothes collected were then donated to Goodwill India.

The third activity that Sustainability Initiatives planned was carpooling or using public transport on the 6th of June. Less fuel consumption and lesser pollution was the agenda for the day. Everyone at office was urged to either use carpooling with other office mates or use public transport, walk, bicycle to work. Lot of people carpooled to work, some cycled and used the public transportation for traveling that day.

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