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Green Building and EIA training at MHADA

Green Building and EIA training at MHADA

23 – 24 July 2013

A 2-day training Programme was conducted for the MHADA officials to introduce them to Eco-housing and Green Building concepts along with Environment Impact Assessment procedures in India. The training was conducted as a part of the capacity building activity of the Professional Development Centre of MHADA. The aim of the workshop was to build awareness regarding Environmental issues and Environmental Impact Analysis. The training programme aimed at introducing the participants to the various environment friendly building techniques, commonly known as Green Building, various Green rating systems in India and their certification mechanisms, benefits of Green Building and the various aspects of Environmental Impact Analysis of different projects and their procedures. The participants of the training programme were engineers from Housing Boards all over Maharashtra, like Pune, Nashik, Solapur, Nagpur, Mumbai, etc.

Details of the Training programme:


23 – 24 July 2013



Professional Development Centre,

Pune Housing and Area Development Board,




Ar Poorva Keskar, Sustainability Initiatives & VK:e environmental

Ms Kshipra Deshpande, VK:e environmental


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