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EIA Workshop at Fergusson College, Pune

EIA Workshop at Fergusson College, Pune

12- 14 Sept 2012

Sustainability Initiatives conducted a 3-day workshop on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the environmental science students of Fergusson College. This program was conducted at Environment Science department, Fergusson College, Pune and jointly organised by:

  • DES’s Fergusson College, Pune

  • Sustainability Initiatives, Pune, and

  • Envision, a students forum at fergusson college

About 50 participants were briefed by experts including, Ar Anagha Paranjape-Purohit, Ms Pratima Raykar, Ms Gouri Joshi and Mr Shirke among others who talked about the basics of EIA study, evolution of EIA and the process of assessment. An interesting group exercise was conducted at the end of the workshop where the students were given a hypothetical highway development case for analyzing the alternatives based on their impact on the surrounding environment. Students enjoyed working on this exercise and the presentation that followed. The participants were also given field training, in the Botanical garden of Fergusson College, for conducting an ecological survey


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