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Creating a vision for Pune Metropolitan Region

Creating a vision for Pune Metropolitan Region

With increased urbanization, the need for integrated regional planning has become ever more important. Geographical regions share the same physical-spatial context, thus also the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, thus it makes sense to plan regions integrally so as to ensure equitable, healthy and resource-efficient planning. Better management of natural resources, sharing of infrastructure such as transportation and communications; and equitable development of rural and urban is ensured through integrated regional planning.

Metropolitan planning is a relatively new concept which is enabled by one of the first significant reforms in constitution since independence- the 74th CAA (Constitutional Amendment Act), 1992. This reform will enable easier coordination at regional levels, through the district planning committees (DPCs) at district level and metropolitan planning committees (MPCs) at metropolitan region level. Pune City had a regional plan (1971) revised to regional plan (1991) and a plan by Metropolitan Planning Committee (2008) delineating a Pune Metropolitan region. Although all these plans have been good in visioning and conceptualizing the region, they have fallen short to project the needs for future population.

One of the biggest challenges in visioning, preparation and implementation of these plans is the ever changing dynamic nature of urban development. The IT-BT industry, educational and research institutions, SEZs, infrastructural development etc. have triggered development in the surrounding areas in the recent decades in Pune and have highlighted the shortsightedness of plans. Thus in order to have sustainable development for future, it would be beneficial to incorporate feedback on the real-time information on large private developments that may set up in the region, and in turn, understand their infrastructure and resource needs for better planning. The chances are higher that a participatory approach will aid planing process and have the best chance of implementation successfully- financially, technically and socially.

This project jointly carried out by Janwani, a social initiative of Mahratta Chamber of Commerce and Sustainability Initiatives, a Pune based charitable trust aims at succinctly putting together the vision for the Pune Metropolitan Region through informed stakeholder consultations. It hopes to utilize an envisioning process that relies on market realities and diverse stakeholder inputs overlaid with environmental- spatial constraints, and create a base for effective planning in Pune Metropolitan Region.

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