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Event: World Nature Conservation Day


World Nature Conservation Day is observed on 28th July all over the world with the objective of increasing awareness about and protecting the natural resources that the Earth is bestowed with. It is necessary to understand what ‘Sustainability’ truly means and also it is important to inculcate environment-friendly habits to lead a Green Lifestyle.  Some simple practices that can make your lifestyle green if followed in daily life are –

  • Help in conservation activities in your area / surrounding natural areas.
  • Participate in the environment awareness activities.
  • Wise use of resources like paper, fuel etc.
  • Efficient use of water & energy at home.
  • Try to avoid use of plastic bags while shopping.
  • Be a responsible tourist by practicing eco-tourism.
  • Avoid littering around during travel.
  • Appreciate nature and keep vigilance on surrounding nature destruction, inform concerned authorities.

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