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Pre-Earth Day Event at Cool Gurukul Summer Camp

Pre-Earth Day Event at Cool Gurukul Summer Camp
Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April across the world. On this day events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental awareness and protection. This year we organized a workshop in ‘Cool Gurukul Summer Camp’ at Little Millennium school (Baner Branch) for educating the children about the importance of a healthy Earth. The workshop aimed at spreading awareness about the environmental issues to the children and how they can contribute for better future start at a young age. 
The workshop started with a short video for children on environmental protection. The video emphasized the need of protecting the different species that we share the planet with and that it is our duty to conserve and protect the various animal, bird and insect species to maintain an ecological balance.
With the approaching summers we see that not just humans but animals and birds also feel the heat and are affected due to the lack of food and water. In the second part of the activity children were taught to make a bird feeder out of empty Juice cartons and Ice cream candy sticks. Through this interesting activity kids learnt about recycling and reusing  waste materials and were also encouraged to help the birds by keeping food and water for them.


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