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Release of SI:Imprint newsletter

Release of SI:Imprint newsletter

SI launched its newsletter SI:Imprint at the GRIHA Summit on 17th Jan 2014 in New Delhi.

The newsletter aims to help keep SI members and associates engaged in the activities under the trust and encourage contribution and support for the same. SI:Imprint was conceived with a motto to spread sustainability knowledge across various disciplines and bring vertical hierarchy distribution through dissemination of knowledge.

The publication thus covers a variety of subjects and brings to its readers; analysis and approaches to sustainability in different sectors. The newsletter will also give an insight into the various initiatives taken by SI to contribute to sustainable urban development, environmental planning and capacity building. Along with initiatives taken by SI, the newsletter also covers current issues relevant to the urban context and study them to put forth views on behalf of SI.

The aim of the newsletter is to reach a wider audience base and stakeholders working in the field of environmental design, planning, urban development and social awareness thereby encouraging more people to contribute towards sustainability.

Please contact us at for your copy of the newsletter.

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