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Heritage Conservation of Pune city core

18-20 Dec 2012

The historic core of Pune is seriously neglected, despite its rich cultural-historical values and evidence of the city’s past for future generations. The Architectural Conservation course of Mejan Arc, Royal University of Arts, Stockholm, Sweden and M.Arch programme of MKSSS’s Dr Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture, Pune, India collaborated for an academic exercise to look at historic conservation guidelines and define projects that can be undertaken in Kasba Peth, Pune so that the heritage of the city is not lost.

This academic collaboration and research was financed by Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and supported by INTACH Pune Chapter, Pune Municipal Corporation and Sustainability Initiatives, Pune.

Sustainability Initiatives worked closely with the professors at Royal University of Arts, Stockholm, Sweden to put up an exhibition of student work on heritage conservation of Pune core city. The exhibition ‘Inclusive India – Re:Pune’ on the research carried out was displayed at the Raja Kelkar Museum, Pune from 18-20 Dec 2012 which highlighted the challenges of the Pune core city and put forth interesting aspects and initiatives that can help us respect and transform the urban core city that is sensitive to the Heritage value it represents.

Sustainability Initiatives, along with the Royal University of Art, Stockholm, Dr Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture, Pune and Intach Pune chapter published a book which features an action plan for the conservation of the historic core of Pune city. The publication is based on an extensive research on the heritage buildings and sites in Pune and the need to retain their existence.

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