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Road safety lessons for children

Road safety lessons for children

16 Jan 2014

Little Millenium Pre-school was helping SI to collect responses for the USDG opinion survey. As part of this project, and on request of the school, SI also conducted a session on “Children and Road Safety” at their Baner branch on Thursday, 16th January, 2014. Pune Traffic Policemen were also present for this session.

Children below the age of 10 years do not have the same ability to judge distances, speed, and noise direction of traffic and vehicles as teens or adults, hence it is very important to ensure that children are given a good understanding of basic street safety when they start walking around the local and city streets. With this thought and enthusiasm from Ms Aboli Ruikar of Little Millennium encouraged us to collaborate and have a fun interactive session for children to help them learn about road safety. Ms Neelam Jadhav, of Pune Traffic Police also supported and sent her officers to be a part of the session.

Through this session, we taught children about about traffic rules and road safety with guidance from Pune Traffic Policemen. The session included posters, Powerpoint presentation, videos and activities to make the pre school children understand the importance of being safe on the roads. Important rules and regulations like use of Zebra crossing, walking on footpaths; elements which students see everyday on their way to school; and necessity to follow traffic/ pedestrian signals were explained to the children. The Traffic policemen also helped to emphasize the importance of road safety to the children.

The activity encouraged kids to also pass on the message of following traffic rules to their parents. The children enjoyed the activity very much and were also glad to meet the Traffic Policemen.


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