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Sustainability Initiatives organizes a visit to ‘Green Buildings for Symbiosis MBA Energy & Environment (SIIB) students

Under the outreach function, SI facilitates visits and experience in Green Buildings. One such site visit was organised for the students of Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB), who are pursuing their MBA in Energy & Environment.

The visit was organised on 25th September 2018 to Royal Orange County Residential Complex at Rahatane and Amar Business Park at Baner

The students were given a tour of the building by consulting experts and Building Managers of the above projects. They were explained the sustainable architecture principles on which the building is built by the Architect. They were shown the environmental services installed for the project,like Organic Waste converter, Renewable Energy Systems, Rainwater Harvesting techniques and Energy and water monitoring systems that are integrated in a Green Building project.


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