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Sustainablity & the role of Precast

Sustainablity & the role of Precast

Ar Hrishikesh Kulkarni was a speaker at the ‘Precast- Concrete India Conference’ in Pune on 6th Sept 2013. The Conference was organised by ‘Zak Trade Fairs & Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.’

The main aim of the conference was to create awareness about the Precast building construction industry, which is still at its nascent stage in India. As Precast concrete is rapidly coming to the forefront of the construction industry, because of its long-term market prospects, it is necessary that more technical information about this technology is shared so that its use is encouraged.

Hrishikesh’s presentation subject was  ‘Sustainablity & the role of Precast’ where he spoke about the the Indian construction industry’s drive towards sustainable development and the benefits of Precast Concrete use for Sustainable development. Due to the high levels of recycled materials used, and precast concrete’s high thermal and acoustic insulation properties it is a beneficial in the economical as well as environmental performance. The impacts of Precast Concrete in the environmental, social and financial aspects contributes to its overall sustainability.

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