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Training on Use of Energy Simulation Software for Symbiosis MBA Energy & Environment (SIIB) students

Sustainability Initiatives conducted Training on Use of Energy Simulation Software forthe students of Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB), who are pursuing their MBA in Energy & Environment at Pune. The training organised on 2nd September 2017.

Participant were benefited by experts including, Ar. Anagha Paranjape – Purohit, Ar. Kanchan Sidhaye, Ar. Ketaki Rairikar-Karmarkar and  Er. Kunal Gujarathi, talked about Introduction to climatic zones of India and its characteristics which can be understood with the help of  various  simulation software such as Eco tect, radiance, IES etc.

Training has been conducted to explain the use of these software during the design stage of building as well as to estimate overall energy performance of the building. Software can be used as a tool to analyse various passive design strategies such as orientation, solar radiation, solar shading availability, shading device, daylight availability etc. Some glimpses of Energy simulation software has been given to student to make them familiar with various types of output the tool can offer and can be useful while taking design decision for the building. Also presented a case study to showcase how software has been utilised in order to design energy efficient and climate responsive building design.



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