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Urban Street Design Guidelines for Pune city

Urban Street Design Guidelines for Pune city

Pune Municipal Corporation Road Department has initiated the work of preparing ‘Street Design Guidelines’ for the city of Pune. This work is being done by Sustainability Initiatives trust in collaboration with VK:a architecture. The Urban Street Design Guidelines project has been taken up by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) to ensure that the city roads are more user-friendly and safe and address the requirements and needs of all stakeholders and road users.  Through these guidelines, the city roads will be developed as per the norms set by various government agencies and research studies conducted by various NGOs.

The purpose of this guideline is to enable street designers, contractors, consultants and decision makers to understand the ideal ways of designing streets. The guidelines will provide recommendations for design of each street element and also provide ideal cross-sections which have to be referred while undertaking construction , redevelopment of any street in Pune.

The guideline will establish the need of having a dedicated workforce for design of streets. Guidelines will also classify the streets into different hierarchy based on planning norms and street usage.

Streets have number of elements co-existing which overall ensure the performance of any streets. These elements are classified into 3 main components.

Mobility and Accessibility – Elements whose sole purpose is to provide mobility and access are taken in this component. Elements like carriage way, footpath, cycle track, flyovers, junctions are covered in this section.

Safety and Comfort – Elements whose sole purpose is to ensure safety and comfort of the road user are covered in this. Elements like street crossings, street lights, signals, medians, refuge islands etc are covered in this section.

Environment and Ecology – These are very important elements of street which ensure health of the street and the city. Elements like trees, storm water drains, utilities, garbage containers, public toilets etc are covered in this section.

These guidelines are being prepared keeping in mind the sustainability aspect of the city. Number of IRC codes, best Indian and International practices and other guidelines are being referred to customize the guidelines to suit the Pune city.

The street design guidelines project has been divided into four distinct phases.

First phase
: Compiling data on road design guidelines set by ITDP, DA, IRCUT and UTTIC centres in order to fit them for city roads. Case studies by city NGOs will also be studied. Failed flyovers, city roads and junctions will also be included.

Second phase
: Study of road network will be carried out on the existing roads to categorise them according to the hierarchy and types like arterial, sub arterial roads, etc.

Third phase
: The location of flyover, utility services, bus stops and street lights along the roads will be planned.

Fourth phase
: Develop at least two city roads identified by the PMC according to the new guidelines.


A presentation on the project and brief about the guidelines can be downloaded here:  ‘Pune Street Design Guidelines’

As part of this project SI has also  initiated an opinion survey to know the perception of citizens about the streets in Pune. The link to this online survey is available on the SI website homepage as well as the PMC website home page (




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