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Our Philosophy

The functional areas of Sustainability Initiatives have emerged through identification of existing gaps. There is a severe gap in availability of quality research that is specific to India and India’s growth trends and potential. Further, there is a massive gap between academic research and professional applications. Similarly, existing capacity in India, to conduct research and analysis for effective policy formulation is also weak, leading to ineffective policy implementation in the areas of urban sustainability.

Advocacy is a cornerstone functionality that is being explored at Sustainability Initiatives. Through the services for Advocacy, Sustainability Initiatives aims to support governmental departments and other similar urban local bodies to carry out targeted research and analysis for decision making.

Our Functional Activities

  • Facilitate research in the areas of Environment and Energy
  • Assist, facilitate and initiate research capacity for policy making
  • Guide and support government bodies and departments at all levels
  • Facilitate a consortium of experts and organizations to brainstorm on critical, sensitive and relevant environmental issues
  • Hold public seminars and workshops to facilitate sustainable discourse and help decision making
  • Facilitate education programmes and support academic inquiry and research in the fields of environment, ecology and energy and broader areas of sustainability
  • Create awareness amongst public through dissemination of knowledge on environment

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